It’s always great when the couple shares the same passion for the outdoors as me. I understood all the choices they made, the reasons for the style of their engagement, and they really understood my photographic world. It was like I photographed my own wedding. I felt like I belong. A ceremony in the middle of nature, an exceptional view, a beautiful scenery for photo’s background, a party in small committee with only the people closest to our hearts… I LOVED!
My job ended with a couple session during the golden hour, but they asked me to join them for a BBQ party. And of course I agreed without even asking myself a question!! Then we went to a beautiful little villa on top of one of the hills that surround the Lake Mantasoa. The atmosphere was perfect. We were all around the fire… laughing, carrying on. The BBQ was really tasty and the beers were very fresh.
Breaking the classic schedule of the “Perfect Wedding” with this little soiree was really a very very good idea. They were able to experience more emotional moments, that means more memories to cherish in the future.

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