Working with me is an experience from the moment we sign the contract to many years after. We gonna be best friends, not clients and vendors. We will laugh a lot! Really a lot!!!
I’m totally not looking for quantity of weddings, and I actually do accept a limited quantity of them. Not out of snobbery, but because I want to have the time to really take care of each of them and have the time for all my couples to talk, share, take moment to check some details …

I have a documentary approach where I take photos that reflect emotion, reaction and complicity. Not photos based on beauty.
I don’t always take photos of faces, I also do a lot of artistic and aesthetic photos. These are photos of small details that attract my attention during the day. It could be textures, patterns, gestures, a falling tear, petals on the ground, text on paper, a ray of light…


Honestly, I’m just not the best with words. But photos, they’re more my language. Anyway, here are some facts about me. I’m daydreamer and night thinker. A 90s addicted to anything from the 80s. I’m obsessed with golden hour light and film photography. I often shed a few tears at weddings when the couple exchange their personal vows. I love unplanned trips. I’m a cinephile and the number one fan of Godfather, Fight Club & Studio Ghibli. I grew up watching Supernatural & The Walking Dead and I feel a void since these shows ended.

I’m inspired by nature, painting, and the cinema. Nature has the power to unlock my imagination, while painting and cinema transmit emotions that speak to me, which I reshare through my photos.

When I began in 2014, I tried out many types of photography and tried to improve my skills and find my unique style. In 2017, I did my first wedding, and I really loved the experience. The same year, I shared a photo of a couple (that I took) in the international community of Archipelago Collective, and many photographers appreciated it. This photo was then published on their blog. It was my very first opportunity to be published internationally. With this as encouragement, I decided to become a full-time wedding photographer. So, I completed several online programs from some of the world’s best luxury wedding photographers. Then I could improve my skills drastically and, and take my business to a new level. I was finally able to discover my photographic identity. That’s why I started to orient more to destination weddings and elopements, as these correspond the most to my vision.