Madagascar Elopement Photographer and Madagascar Destination Wedding Photographer

You are addicted to adventure and travel, love crazy ideas and think that’s what makes the best memories, tired of all these classic weddings that all look alike, decided to go on an adventure for your wedding.

Getting married in a secluded beach ? a ceremony in the woods ? exchange vows at the top of a mountain ?  an intimate wedding in the middle of nature ? I don’t know yet what you have in mind but I will be wiling to follow you in your dream adventure. And if your wedding is not planned to be celebrated in Madagascar but you’re dying to have me photograph your most special day, I’d travel the world for you.couple addicted to adventure and travel ?
you’re in the right place!


How I do

I am a big believer in keeping it simple and consistent.
A natural light photographer with an extreme love of golden light who works on an old school colors style.
For your day, I don’t just click a button on my camera, I want you to feel comfortable with me, my photography and my artistic style, I want to be your new BFF haha … so that I can get in close and capture all the fleeting candid moments, the tears, the laughs, the in-between looks. These moments are the most important for me and I strive  to get them.

Who am I

I ‘m a funny guy who’s in love with film photography, wild travel and 80s. When not photographing people, you’ll probably find me doing research on the internet about entrepreneurship and marketing, 2 topics that fascinate me, or eating pizza while re-watching Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.