A wedding reflects a culmination of your life experiences together and as individuals, and you’ll want to savor all of it. You want to feel at peace, you want to feel beautiful, you want to be present. Your photos will be unscripted but will hold immense meaning, and will be different from anything that came before. They will bring you right back when many more days come and go

The Tropical Destination Wedding Of Anaëlle & John In Madagascar
A Whimsical Greenhouse Wedding
An Intimate Waterfront engagement
An international Boho-chic wedding
A Dreamy Woodland Wedding
An Intimate Grecian-Inspired Wedding On A Rooftop

Not at all comfortable with the idea of being photographed for an entire day ?


An engagement session is the perfect way to kickstart the relationship with your photographer.. It will help to establish that natural energy and connection between us, which will give you this feeling of being with friends, without pressure, completely forgetting the camera. And guess what? That is the best way to capture natural images during the day.
We all know, you won’t feel at all comfortable once the big day arrives if someone you just met will follow you around and point a camera at you all the time. You will not be able to give free rein to your personality and you will pay close attention to your gestures and behavior. In the end, it won’t be the real you and it’s not this person you’d like to see in the photos.

Do you want to fully enjoy your wedding day without having to worry about taking couple photos ?


If your wedding day runs on a very tight schedule, the timeline gets delayed or we are surprised by heavy rainfall throughout the day, don’t panic! There is still a way to create some stunning couple photos. Let’s get together for an After Wedding Session!
An After Wedding Session takes place a couple of days or weeks after your wedding day. You will put on your dress and suit again, potentially even getting your hair and makeup done. We are completely free to choose an epic outdoor location, since there is no timeline to be considered and no waiting wedding guests back at the venue. Just us, nature and all the time we need to create stunning couple photos that you will cherish forever.

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